Non Surgical Treatments

There is already a considerable number of non surgical ways to reverse the visible appearance of age and more are coming out every day.  Some start in the unlikeliest of places-

People who suffer one-sided facial paralysis due to stroke orr other disease, tend to develop a noticeably younger looking appearance on the paralyzed side of their face. You see, facial muscles create normal expression and physiological function—and wrinkles over time.

There are a few muscle groups, however, that can be relaxed, and the aging changes caused by their action may be temporarily reversed.  With repeated treatments, the changes may be permanently slowed down. These muscles are in the forehead, particularly in the glabellar region [between the eyebrows] and at the outer corners of the eyes—the crow's feet.

The substance known commercially as Botox®  blocks the transmission of the nerve impulse to the muscle.  If it is injected into the muscle tissue, it will relax it for 3 to 6 months. Such treatment takes a few minutes and usually leaves patients without any side effects.

In very rare instances, the medication may affect a neighboring muscle, causing a slightly drooping eyelid, for two or three weeks. Recovery is always complete. Most recently, it has been documented that Botox® injections may be effective in the control of migraine headaches as well as in diminishing hyperhidrosis [excessive sweating].

A long-term correction of the glabellar and forehead furrows can be achieved by an alternate method through surgical relaxation of these muscle groups. See forehead lift surgery.

non surgical age reversal

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